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Oil And Gas Services

Our core welding personnel are accustomed to challenging and rugged work environments, and they complete each task with safety, speed, and accuracy. We empower our pipe welders to become full team members, engaging with clients and helping develop solutions throughout a project. Through rigorous hiring and training standards, we maintain a core workforce of exceptionally skilled and motivated welders who can support our client’s needs.

Pipeline Services

PPC Pipeline Service provides a wide range of pipeline services that are executed by top-notch Engineers in the Oil & Gas Industry. We aim to provide our clients with quality services that conform to standards and clients’ requirements and exceed their expectations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Pipeline Descaling & Cleaning

Pipeline descaling is the removal of hard calcium and wax deposits in pipelines. This is done to restore the original flow rate in the line; to allow inspection tools to assess the pipeline integrity and reduce the overall operating costs.At PPC, we use special scrappers able to pulverize the hard calcium deposits without disrupting the fluid flow.

Filling & Hydrotest

Here at PPC, we will provide our customers with professional technicians to perform a hydrostatic test. We will furnish all equipment necessary to prove, clean, fill and test the line. We will also provide the compressors, dryers, and pigs to dewater and dry the line.


After a successful hydrostatic test, water must be removed from the pipeline before the introduction of the product. While this is sometimes performed by displacing the water directly with the product, in most cases, the water is removed separately by dewatering with air. This is particularly the case where complete drying is required.

Drying & Swabbing

Pipelines have to be dried before put into service. This necessitates a thorough drying process conforming to stringent regulations because the slightest amount of residual moisture can create significant problems for the pipeline: Hydrates can form, leading to a constriction of the pipe cross-section and in the case of small diameter branches, blocking can result.

Nitrogen Purging

Nitrogen purging is the replacement of an undesired atmosphere by inert gas nitrogen. During the commissioning of a process plant, the replacement of air by purging with nitrogen is known as “oxygen freeing” or “start-up purging”. During a turnaround, the replacement of a hydrocarbon atmosphere with nitrogen is familiarly known as “degassing” or “shutdown purging”.

Chemical Cleaning

The presence of internal scale and its removal is a major challenge in process systems and their ancillary equipment. PPC is working proactively together with its customers to find an effectual manner of solution.The industry has placed a greater emphasis on long intervals between cleaning/maintenance, hence requiring improved chemicals and methods.

Caliper Survey

The range of services includes pressure tests, pumping, an organization of intelligent pigging, chemical and mechanical cleaning of pipelines, caliper pigging, and drying.


Nitrogen Generation Unit - With capabilities to supply nitrogen at purities of 90% ‐ 99.9% with a wide range of flows ranging from 100 scfm – 30,000 scfm at pressures from 100 psig – 5,000 psig with Boosters.

Mobile Units

With capabilities to supply nitrogen at purities of 90% ‐ 99% with a wide range of flows ranging from 100 scfm – 3500 scfm at pressures from 100 psig – 5,000 psig with Boosters.

Air Compressor

With capabilities to produce flows from 100 scfm up to 1525 scfm at pressures ranging from 100 psig to 500 psig.

Booster Compressor

With capabilities up to 12,000 psig


Ranging in size from 75 – 200 kW

Foam Units

With capabilities of flows from 1200 SCFM‐1500 SCFM and pressures up to 2500 psig.

Area of Expertise

  • Pressurizing/pressure testing
  • Purging (hot or cold)
  • Drying & Inerting
  • Leak testing
  • Pipeline Purging & Pigging
  • Offshore Support
  • Nitrogen cooling
  • Plant Shutdowns (turnarounds)
  • Mine Seal Inerting
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Well Completion
  • Artificial Stimulation
  1. Well Cleanout
  2. Under Balance Drilling
  3. Gas Lifting
  4. Fracing
  5. De‐gassing
  6. De‐Watering

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