Construction Services



Pipeline construction projects look much like moving assembly lines. A large project typically is broken into manageable lengths called “spreads,” and utilizes highly specialized and qualified workgroups. Each spread is composed of various crews, each with its responsibilities. As one crew completes its work, the next crew
moves into position to complete its piece of the construction process.

• Site Preparation
• Trenching
• Pre-Padding
• Lowering Pipe
• Post Padding
• Back Filling
• Berm Construction
• Marl Capping
• Right Of Way
• Rip Rap
• FOC Marker Installation
• Signages Installation
• Road Crossing
• Evaporation Pond
• Valve Station



Pipe stringing is the process of delivering pipe segments from the pipe yard to the right-of-way and deploying them alongside the ditch. The stringing crew that is responsible for the stringing operation is sufficiently equipped with hauling trucks, operators, and laborers. The crew relies on cranes, straps, and pipe handling
devices to do the loading and off-loading.



Line pipe, normally mill-coated or yard-coated before stringing, requires a coating at the welded joints. Prior to the final inspection, the entire pipeline coating is electronically inspected to locate and repair any coating faults or voids.

PPC offers the following coating services:

  • Pipeline Coating

We combine a variety of pipeline coating and rehab technologies for onshore and offshore installations, including internal and external field joint coating, custom coating for fittings and line pipe, and engineered specialized equipment technology such as internal, non-tethered, robotic coating applications.

  • Tank Coating

We specialize in tank lining and coating services for corrosive environments. We use speciality coatings including anti-static, urethane, the low volatile organic compound (VOC), intumescent fireproofing, soundproof, zinc and cathodic protection, and liquid rubber coatings. Other capabilities include blasting, scarifying, diamond grinding, and high-pressure washing.

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+966 13 833 8204

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